One of my favorite artists has past away today. We have collected his paintings for years which can be seen at www.hobbsgallery.com

Acclaimed artist Ernie Barnes, best known for his unique figurative style of painting and whose work was immortalized on classic television and album covers, died last night, according to reports. He was 70 years old.

According to his official biography, Barnes was born July 15, 1938 to Ernest Sr. and Fannie Mae Geer Barnes during the Jim Crow era in Durham, North Carolina. As a child, young Ernest would accompany her to work and was allowed to peruse the extensive collection of art books. One day in junior high school, a teacher found the self-admitted fat, introverted young Barnes drawing in a notebook while hiding from the bullies who taunted him daily.

For over 40 years, his art has been admired and collected internationally. His national traveling “Beauty of the Ghetto” exhibition in the 1970s featured some of his timeless works as “Storyteller,” “High Aspirations” and “The Graduate.” His famous 1971 “Sugar Shack” dance scene appeared on the “Good Times” television show and on the Marvin Gaye album, “I Want You.”

Enjoy these images of his work!



For those of you who have never had the pleasure to experience the Contemporary and Urban artworld of Boston, here is a little insight. As collectors who frequent  DirtyPilot well know we are located outside of Boston. In the mid 1990’s we had a beautiful gallery on Bostons prestigious Newbury Street across from the Ritz Carlton. We showed some fantastic artists like Crash, Daze, Basquiat, Haring, Kenny Scharf, Mark Kostabi and others. Though working with the artists and clients were a pure joy, others thought the art work we were bringing to Boston was not worthy of this prestigious address. After standing toe to toe with several other gallery owners in our building and absolutely no support from the local papers and press we decided the battle was too large for us to fight alone. Needless to say I have never visited a Boston art gallery since. Attached is a link written by writer and artist Caleb Neelon.

Please take a moment to read. Although Caleb is much younger and may not have been a part of the Boston art scene 15 years ago, it amazes me to see that nothing has changed and if anything it sounds worse. The case against Shepard is a travesty for not only Shepard, but for all of us that call Boston our home and have to live in what I term (at least for me) a Contemporary Cultural Desert!

Please read as Caleb explains the situation very well. A MUST READ!





DirtyPilot.com  "Year One Rewind" Deluxe edition release


DirtyPilot.com  is releasing their first hardcover book Titled “YEAR ONE REWIND” each Deluxe Edition Book will be signed by various artists (at random) and will also come with a choice of one of 3 limited edition prints.

GHOST – 8″x10″ archival Pigment print, hand signed and numbered. Ed: 50
ALBERT REYES – 8″x10″ one color silkscreen with hand embellishing. Ed: 50
PAPERMONSTER- 8″x10″ 2 color silkscreen, hand stencil embellishing. Ed: 50

Year One Rewind featured artists include up and coming talents along with established artists, such as Chris “Daze” Ellis, Kime Buzzelli, Bravo Jet, Albert Reyes, Papermonster, Chris Stain, Ghost, Ewok 5MH, Cern YMI, Dennis McNett, Greg Gossel, Stephen Tompkins, Enrique Martinez, Justin Bua, Michael Krueger and Daniel Johnston

A sturdy, 96 page hardcover compellation of shows, Dirtypilot.com Year One Rewind dedicates from two to six pages of illustrations of each showcased artist as well as the dates the artists showed their work on Dirtypilot.com. It also delivers biographical sketches on each contributor. The book’s introduction by offers insightful background information on the origin and focal point of the Dirtypilot site. If you’re passionate about urban art and urban artists and want to learn more, Dirtypilot.com Year One Rewind is a visual treasure trove for collectors that you won’t want to be without.