WWW.DIRTYPILOT.COM & KET Presents a Show celebrating the release of Alan Kets new publication titled “NYC  Black Book Masters” The show will showcase original black book drawings from past and present. Featuring artists Daze, Cern YMI, Ghost, Crime 79, IZ THE WIZ, Cycle, Dondi, Sharp, Quik, EZO, Fuzz One, T-Kid, Ces- One, Noxer, Revolt, Part, Min, Noc 167, Smith, Lady Pink and many more. The show Opens on the Cyber walls of www.dirtypilot.com on Oct 16 and will run thru Nov 16. There will also be a limited edition portfolio of signed prints to commemorate the event. Mark your calendars !



DirtyPilot.com presents “Friends With Knives”. DirtyPilot and PaperMonster have teamed up to present a wonderful range of skill and creativity from some of today’s most talented stencil artists from all over the globe. Show Opens today thru Oct 16.


The stencil art show will exhibit pioneers, established and up-and-coming stencil artists such as: LECKOmio, E.L.K. , SOULE , Peat Wollaeger, PaperMonster, L.E.T., Nathan Phaneuf, A1One , Billy Mode , Ben Slow, Koleszar, Dave Lowell, Mefee, Roy Schreuder, and HAHA. This show aims at demonstrating the variety of stencil art techniques in both message and style at a global level with artists from Iran, Germany, USA, Australia, France and the United Kingdom. Stencil graffiti art continues to be a powerful growing force in todays art world and it is this level of talent that is pushing the field of stencils into beautiful new heights.DIRTYPILOT.COM OPEN 24/7


A Survey of Black & White drawings from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s





DirtyPilot.com presents Daniel Johnston Black & White.
A survey of drawings by Daniel from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s
Don’t miss this opportunity to see over 60 rare drawings spanning 4 decades.

djrightniowOver the last few years, Daniel’s drawings are showing in larger and larger galleries and prices for his work are climbing steadily higher. Personally, what astounds me about Daniel’s work is the fact that he is an absolute unending wellspring of creativity, the likes of which I have never witnessed before. No creative blocks here… what he thinks and feels gushes out on to the paper, or into a song. But, perhaps the most incredible part of the story is that all of the superlatives that have been used in describing how wonderful his music is can also be used for his artwork. I can’t think of one other artist in history who has so excelled in two such diverse artistic fields: visual art and music. The only one who comes to mind as a possible contender is John Lennon.ALSO CHECK OUT NEW PRINTS BY DANIEL JOHNSTON DIRTYPILOT.COM OPEN 24/7






NOW AVAILABLE – Graffiti Artist EZO New print titled “Atabex Rox” measures approx 14.25″X 22 and is an archival pigment print on Moab 300gms 100% cotton rag. Edition size 50. Hand Signed and numbered by EZO.


NOW AVAILABLE – Graffiti Artist EZO New print titled “Lazaro” measures approx 15.5″X 22 and is an archival pigment print on Moab 300gms 100% cotton rag. Edition size 50. Hand Signed and numbered by EZO.PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY DIRTYPILOT.COM