DirtyPilot.com Presents: COPE2 – INFINITE Starts today – through April 14.

COPE2’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and auctions throughout the United States and abroad, including the Guernsey and the Philip De Pury & Company auctions, the McCaig Welles Gallery, The Showroom Gallery and The Bronx Museum of Arts in New York City; the Crewest Gallery in Los Angeles; the Fifty24SF Gallery in San Francisco; the Defiance Gallery in Chicago; the Skalitzers Gallery in Berlin; The Gallizia Collection in Paris; the Artdrenaline Gallery in Den Haag, Holland and The Federation Atrium Square Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

Cope2 was born and raised in the South Bronx, New York City, in 1968. He is a self taught artist who is a celebrated figure for over 30 years in the graffiti art culture. One of New York City’s most prolific graffiti artists, he began tagging his name in 1978. He developed his style in the subways and streets of the Bronx throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s achieving international recognition for his distinctive style.

In recent years Cope2 has been commissioned by Time Magazine and designed a set of sneakers for Converse and a full collection for Adidas. He has worked with Steiner Sports collaborating with the New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter producing graffiti on memorabilia. His work has even crossed into the virtual realm with appearances in video games such as Mark Eckos: Getting up and Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto IV.

Today, you can catch Cope2 in the studio painting, bringing his raw energy into abstract masterpieces, intertwined with his trademark bubble letters and tags on canvases. He has also delved into curating successful group exhibitions. Cope2 crosses between art world, mainstream and street culture alike.



A New Print by Dave MacDowell -“Vicious Van Gogh” – Archival Pigment Print on the 300gms art paper. Paper size measures 18×24″ Each hand signed by the artist lower right from an edition of only 30.

David MacDowell was raised by a television set, and soaked in culture like a sponge. A self-taught artist, he incorporates media and social themes into brilliant and controversial satirical paintings. Working primarily with acrylics on canvas, David is not afraid of tapping into the dark side of American media worship. He tops off celebrity renderings with crying babies, candy colored nightmares, and a hilariously acidic sense of humor. Some have called his work a virtual “Disneyland on acid”. By bravely peeling away the veneer of pop culture, he validates the abused underbelly of society with x-ray glasses. With an ever-expanding list of international clientele, David’s work can be found in Atlanta, California, Florida and New York and now DirtyPilot.com



DirtyPilot Presents ” BLACK BOOK MASTERS “.
A collection of drawings by graffiti Legends.

“Doing pieces and outlines in your own, and other writers black book, is a graff tradition that has held up and has been there from the beginning. With the NYC subway graffiti era gone (but not forgotten) blackbooks, now more than ever are a vital part of preserving the culture.

Drawing in black books are still a common denominator, whether you wrote on trains, walls or whatever, black book trading is still something special and personal – the exchange of art between its practitioners. The result is something precious and ever lasting that can be held and appreciated without the inevitability of being whitewashed or blasted from existence.

There aren’t many things that we continue to do as adults that we began doing as children. Black books are today’s link to yesterday’s dreams”.

Louie “KR.ONE” Gasparro c.1977 – 2013

Dirtypilot.com is thrilled to offer collectors a window into the private world of black books and chance to own a piece of history by one of your favorite writers.



Henry Chalfant, James Prigoff “LEE  Handball Court” Photo. Originally published in The All Time Graffiti Classic Spraycan Art.

(Published by Thames and Hudson-London-1987).

Each Cibachrome print is an edition of 100 and measures 20×16. Printed on high quality photographic paper. Each photo comes hand signed in marker by LEE Quinones, Henry Chalfant and James Prigoff. Published by DirtyPilot Editions.

More about the LEE Handball Courts:

Of the few mavericks from the Subway art era that make the cut based on their iconic breakthroughs, not one thing has weathered the test of time and stood guard more while announcing the movements presence than the Handball court paintings of (LEE) Quinones. In short, Lee was well known for his rapid end to end Subway whole car paintings before these walls, which meant that he had traversed high barriers by 1978 to achieve what he did with these standing street masterpieces. Like towering tablets of a bygone mythological era, NYC’s Lower East Side Handball courts attracted Lee’s eyes to serve as beacons in literally ushering in an art movement and its underground brethren to the open world above. That open world being the alternative downtown art scene. Vibrant and vanguardist as the walls were at the time, arguably they were the templates for todays offshoot street art movement since they inspired the late Keith Haring’s “Crack is Wack” handball wall paintings among others shortly after. Marinate on this for a minute, under the cover of darkness, armed with bags of fat capped Spray paint cans, a track workers ladder, and a fierce determination within a mere 10 hour window, Lee pulled off each wall in grand splendor to the delight of his fellow Lower East Siders, contemporaries, the authorities and the world there after. The walls are now gone but their impact surely etched in New York art history. That being said, here for the first time available, are three LEE walls created during that pivotal period of 1978-1982 as a fine Limited edition C print from the archives of Jim Prigoff and Henry Chalfant, two very important soldiers in their documental feat. Add to this the fact that each and every print will be signed and numbered by Jim Prigoff, Henry Chalfant and Lee himself, thereby sealing their authenticity. A great Christmas and Three Kings Day gift.



DirtyPilot.com Presents – HIGH MAINTENANCE- A Tribute to STAYHIGH 149

Gordon Wayne Roberts created the tag Stay High 149, combined it with a smoking, halo-adorned stick man he borrowed from The Saint television show and changed the face of graffiti. It’s hard to imagine a trip through the subway system in early 70’s without seeing his name a dozen times. Changing to his secondary alias, voice of the ghetto, around 1974 , ,he introduced the world to two and three toned markers that spewed rainbows of psychedelic cool. .

After a 25 year disappearance , a time during which many assumed him dead, he reappeared at a graff show in 2000 and soon launched a comeback that gave a new generation a chance to know and love his work. His tags had the rarest combination of style and meaning I’ve ever witnessed . High Maintenance is about paying back one of the most inspirational , yet humble cats to ever wield a marker. His spirit and legacy has touched every era of a culture that’s blown up world wide. The artists who so generously donated their work for this benefit are giving their collective thanks to a man who transcended graffiti culture and in time be remembered as an American Folk Hero. All net proceeds from this sale will go to Stayhigh’s Family

Please join us through Oct. 14th to honor a true legend, pioneer and cool cat.



DirtyPilot.com Presents the Godfather of Graffiti SEEN – A Collection of Drawings.

Check out these amazing SEEN drawings, from 8.5×11 full color “Wildstyle” marker drawings, to RARE large SEEN spray can marker drawings. Works like these are difficult to find but DirtyPilot has a dope selection gracing our cyber walls now.

Back in the 1970’s SEEN created a writing crew solely for the purpose of getting your name up on N.Y.City’s Subway Train System. The crew was titled U.A.(UNITED ARTISTS) also known as UA boys. While other crews at the time felt it was nessasary to recruit large numbers, the UNITED ARTISTS kept their number of members small. There were a total of 5 members.

SEEN Drawings, now showing through September 14th


Lin ’QUIK’ Felton is a painter of African American descent born in Queens, NY 1958. QUIK as a subway graffiti painter was recognized for his satirical and arrogant comic imagery, as well as the ability to post his tag and masterpieces upon each subway line numbering in the thousands. Recognized by Yaki Kornblit, a renowned Amsterdam art dealer in 1982 via the efforts of FUTURA 2000 and the momentum created by the SOUL ARTISTS painting association.


Check out these dope SEEN Skull maps in the SEEN “Backroom Gallery”. These maps incorporate some of SEENS most revered imagery. While there, we have an amazing collection of SEEN drawings, works on canvas and spray paintings on paper . Don’t sleep, we only have a few Skull Maps!

Back in the 1970’s SEEN created a writing crew solely for the purpose of getting your name up on N.Y.City’s Subway Train System. The crew was titled U.A.(UNITED ARTISTS) also known as UA boys. While other crews at the time felt it was nessasary to recruit large numbers, the UNITED ARTISTS kept their number of members small. There were a total of 5 members SEEN MAD PJAY DUSTER and SIN



DirtyPilot.com welcomes back old friends LADY PINK & CYCLE , check out their collection of paintings and works on paper now !

Lady Pink was born in Ecuador, but raised in NYC. In 1979 she started writing graffiti and soon was well known as the only female capable of competing with the boys in the graffiti subculture. Pink painted subway trains from the years 1979-1985. She is considered a cult figure in the hip-hop subculture since the release of the motion picture “Wild Style” in 1982, in which she had a starring role .At the age of 21 had her first solo show at the Moore College of Art. As a leading participant in the rise of graffiti-based art, Lady Pink’s canvases have entered important art collections such as those of the Whitney Museum, the MET in New York City, the Brooklyn Museum and the Groningen Museum of Holland. She has established herself in the fine arts world, and her paintings are highly prized by collectors.

CYCLE was born in 1971. He grew up writing graffiti and skateboarding. CYCLE received his BFA from George Washington University in Washington DC and then his Masters from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He makes his living producing Fine Art, Illustration and Graphic Design. When not producing Fine Art, Illustration and Graphic Design, CYCLE enjoys graffiti and skateboarding.

LADY PINK & CYCLE – Now showing through June 15, 2012