DirtyPilot.com is now showing work by The Evil DR. REVOLT. Check out this highly influential legend of graffiti’s new paintings and drawings along with classic Revolt images and early works on paper. DR. REVOLT Graces the cyber walls of DirtyPilot March 12 through April 12.

Born and raised in New York City, an original member of the historic NYC subway graffiti crew, The Rolling Thunder Writers (RTW). Known for his tags and elaborate pieces on the Broadway #1 line, with ultra-colorful psychedelic and heavily comic art influenced stylings and later, taking it all-city. With his contributions to the seminal classic hip-hop films, Wild Style and Style Wars, participation in the early 80s East Village art gallery scene, various music videos and, album covers, animation, comics, vinyl toy design, creating the classic YO! MTV Raps logo and a tour of duty in the city of Baltimore where he, like a messenger of style, singlehandedly kick-started a graffiti scene that still feels his influence today.






Hand Signed- Edition of 150

Available 24/7 @ www.dirtypilot.com


Dirty Pilot.com Just released our first hardcover book Titled “YEAR ONE REWIND” each Deluxe Edition Book will be Hand signed in marker by various artists 10 In all. (See Pic) and will also come with your choice of one of 3 Limited Edition Prints.

Ghost Print – 8″x10″, Archival Pigment Print, Hand Signed and Numbered. Edition size 50

Albert Reyes Print – 8″x10″, Archival Pigment Print, Hand Signed and Numbered. Edition size 50.

PaperMonster Print – 8″x10″, Archival Pigment Print, Hand Signed and Numbered. Edition size 50

“Year One Rewind” Featured artists include up and coming talents along with established artists such as Chris “Daze” Ellis, Kime Buzzelli, Bravo Jett, Albert reyes, PaperMonster, Chris Stain, Ghost, Cern YMI, Dennis McNett, Greg Gossell, Stephen Tompkins, Justin Bua, Michael Krueger, and Daniel Johnston.

A sturdy, 96 page hardcover compelation of shows, DirtyPilot.com “Year One Rewind” dedicates from two to six pages of illustrations of each showcased artist as well as the dates the artists showed their work on DirtyPilot.com. It also delivers biographical sketches on each contributor. The book’s introduction offers insightful background information on the origin and focal point of the DirtyPilot site. If you’re passionate about Urban Art and Artists and want to learn more, DirtyPilot.com “Year One Rewind” is a treasure trove for collectors that you won’t want to be without.

Deluxe Edition limited to 150 copies.

Available 24/7 @www.DirtyPilot.com



For those of you who have never had the pleasure to experience the Contemporary and Urban artworld of Boston, here is a little insight. As collectors who frequent  DirtyPilot well know we are located outside of Boston. In the mid 1990’s we had a beautiful gallery on Bostons prestigious Newbury Street across from the Ritz Carlton. We showed some fantastic artists like Crash, Daze, Basquiat, Haring, Kenny Scharf, Mark Kostabi and others. Though working with the artists and clients were a pure joy, others thought the art work we were bringing to Boston was not worthy of this prestigious address. After standing toe to toe with several other gallery owners in our building and absolutely no support from the local papers and press we decided the battle was too large for us to fight alone. Needless to say I have never visited a Boston art gallery since. Attached is a link written by writer and artist Caleb Neelon.

Please take a moment to read. Although Caleb is much younger and may not have been a part of the Boston art scene 15 years ago, it amazes me to see that nothing has changed and if anything it sounds worse. The case against Shepard is a travesty for not only Shepard, but for all of us that call Boston our home and have to live in what I term (at least for me) a Contemporary Cultural Desert!

Please read as Caleb explains the situation very well. A MUST READ!