DirtyPilot & Ket Presents – New York City Black Book Masters. A show featuring original Black Book Drawings Celebrating the Book Release.


WWW.DIRTYPILOT.COM & KET Presents a Show celebrating the release of Alan Kets new publication titled “NYC ┬áBlack Book Masters” The show will showcase original black book drawings from past and present. Featuring artists Daze, Cern YMI, Ghost, Crime 79, IZ THE WIZ, Cycle, Dondi, Sharp, Quik, EZO, Fuzz One, T-Kid, Ces- One, Noxer, Revolt, Part, Min, Noc 167, Smith, Lady Pink and many more. The show Opens on the Cyber walls of www.dirtypilot.com on Oct 16 and will run thru Nov 16. There will also be a limited edition portfolio of signed prints to commemorate the event. Mark your calendars !

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