DirtyPilot.com Presents- QUIK & GHOST

constantcc1WWW.DIRTYPILOT.COM is stoked to grace our cyber walls with two of the graffiti worlds most celebrated artists Quik and Ghost.
Check out this long awaited show consisting over 35 totally dope works on paper, canvas, drawings and paintings.
Show Runs through Jan 2

NYC subway era legend, Ghost developed his unique formal technique through his involvement with the NYC Graffiti movement where he became recognized for his original style and vibrant color combinations, along with his sense of satire

‘Quik’ Lin Felton started tagging during the 1970’s in Hollis (Queens, NY), twere he grew up. He’s one of the few New York graffiti artists who made it to the art galleries and museums in the 1980’s. His work has developed far beyond the original tagging and although he preserved the spirit of the graffiti, he expanded at the same time their conceptual limits by introducing both social and personal topics into his paintings.

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