JEFF McMILLAN & Graff Artist EZO at DirtyPilot



California’s own Jeff McMillan (work above) and graffiti legend, EZO (work below) are the latest creators to grace the digital walls of for a showing on view now through April 15, 2009.

McMillan’s Zuben Rat Salad and Friends features new acrylic paintings on paper along with a limited edition print, while EZO’s Work on Paper is just that: a collection of varied and beautiful drawings and paintings on paper.

EZO has been writing graffiti since 1979, and he began his first comic strip in the seminal Latino culture magazine, Latin New York, in 1984 called Graffiti Tales. He reenergized and reorganized the Graffiti Hall of Fame in Spanish Harlem to its former glory in painting the entire location at once by enlisting the top NYC train era artists from Stan 153, to Seen, to Tats Cru, and 30 other artists (which hadn’t been done since it’s inception in 1982.) EZO’s accomplishments contiunue, but you’ll have to check out the rest of his work and read all about him in checking out his latest work now online with Dirty Pilot at  







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